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Brand Movers

We’re passionate about telling your stories. Engaging your customers. And inspire them to the actions you need to be profitable.

We’re not like the others …

Brand Movers stands on the shoulders of core journalistic values and is driven by an analytical mindset, curiosity and action. We're a leading, ambitious, and award-winning Danish content marketing agency.

Our passion

Our core service is to create new and lasting relationships between our clients and their customers. Our most important tool is our clients’ stories. And we love to tell them.

Our mission

We’re revolutionizing marketing. Everything we do is data-based, makes an impression and moves the audience. Our three-word mission? Marketing with meaning.

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Results created by content

We create intelligent digital marketing content that generates growth. That means smart, data-driven strategies and products that combine creative content, design, video, sales and distribution.

But what is content marketing?

It’s something to do with content, right?

Well yes, content is key. But it’s more than just writing a blog post or recording a video and putting it on your website. It’s about topic selection, quality, distribution channels and other considerations before it’s content marketing.

Content marketing is about creating content for precise purposes at each step in the buyers’ journey. It’s a marketing strategy that:

  • attracts potential customers with relevant content
  • qualifies customers with in-depth content
  • steers prospective customers towards taking a desired action
  • generates sales and keeps generating sales through further content

It’s about highlighting your company's products without selling them. With relevant and useful content that solves problems.

Let's connect

Call us at +45 7199 0256 or email us at

What we do ....

Content production

We believe in good stories. And we believe brands and companies can tell great stories. Whether it’s articles, videos, blog posts, e-books, infographics, magazines, reports … we create content to impact your target group, drive traffic to your website and build a bridge between your brand and your audience. Our content is optimized for search engines and is built on strong journalistic foundations.

Marketing automation

We’re one of the few Danish agencies that is a certified HubSpot partner. With HubSpot we can turbo charge your inbound marketing. And we can support you in becoming HubSpot and inbound marketing experts. Let us help you automate your sales and marketing tasks to get more leads, more traffic and more happy customers.

Video marketing

At Brand Movers, our in-house video department takes care of the entire production. But we make sure you are involved all the way – from concept to recording to publishing. In this way, we ensure a high-quality video production tailored exactly to your needs and which creates leads, sales and measurable growth.

Paid distribution

We can fully handle your paid distribution, including setting the right KPIs and designing the best strategy for your individual campaigns and your overall marketing efforts. With your data, we can identify target groups and find the optimal distribution locations to create the best results. Let us put it to maximum effect to increase traffic to your website and the reach of your content.

Some of our clients

We have helped some of the coolest companies be succesful with content marketing.