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Brand Movers søger studentermedhjælpere

A Gazelle-winning content marketing agency is looking for student assistants

April 2019

Would you like a student job where you can:

  • Learn to work with content marketing and native advertising from some of the industry's most skilled experts?
  • Work on B2B and B2C projects in both Denmark and a number of European countries for medium-sized companies and global concerns?
  • Build experience as an equal part of the team and get actual training with ongoing courses, conferences and private masterclasses held by some of the world's leading experts?
  • Do it all while hanging out with 30 colleagues age 25-40?

In that case, you should apply for one of the 1-2 student jobs that Brand Movers is offering. We want to fill the positions as quickly as possible, and we can’t wait to hear from you.

If you get one of the positions, you will:

  • Become an active part of our client work through the development and execution of strategies
  • Collect data through qualitative and quantitative studies
  • Make a wide range of analyzes of target groups, competitors, keywords, etc.
  • Handle content management such as publishing, editorial planning, keyword research, optimization, formatting and basic image editing
  • Set up and run marketing automation platforms such as HubSpot
  • Be responsible for the development of various presentations
  • Arrange professional morning meetings and help with the execution of our conferences in Copenhagen and Berlin

And finally, you also get to work with project management, email marketing, blogging, copywriting and lead nurturing.

You will become a full-blown content marketing specialist

Like all other employees at Brand Movers, you will be included in our Employer Development Program. The Program includes certifications, courses, masterclasses and conferences in Denmark and abroad.

As a part of the program, you and your manager develop a vision and a plan with clear goals for your work and professional development. Your development, goals and wishes are continuously monitored through structured feedback.

It is our objective to transform you into a full-blown content marketing specialist. And if the match and timing is right, we hope to be able to offer you a position at the company when you have completed your education.

What should you bring to the table?

  • First and foremost, we need you to be ambitious. We want you to be the best, and you have to share that ambition.
  • You must have no more than 1-2 years left of your education.
  • You must be willing to work hard to achieve the goals that are set.
  • You must be humble when given a new task. You have a lot to learn. We all do.
  • But most importantly, you must be a nice and sweet colleague. At Brand Movers, we have a strict "no assholes" policy that we are quite serious about. We intend to become the world's best content marketing agency, but it must be at the expense of the other agencies – not each other.

Who are Brand Movers?

Brand Movers is a fast-growing digital marketing agency with roots in journalism.

In both 2017 and 2018, we won Børsens Gazelle Prize. We use data and superb storytelling to attract, engage, convert and delight potential and existing customers – for our customers.

We make content and inbound marketing strategies for medium and large companies. And we implement and execute most of them afterwards.

Most of our work is done in Copenhagen. However, as we speak, we also have projects in eight countries. Some travel activity could be a part of your position.

We host the largest conference on content marketing in Scandinavia and publish industry analysis, e-books and other content about content marketing.

Finally, we have two sister companies: The journalistic production company Media Movers and the international think tank Native Advertising Institute.

Working hours

The position is approx. 20 hours a week, and the hours are organized so that you can balance work and school.

How to apply

If you have questions – or you want to apply for the job – write to our COO, Lars Damgaard Jensen, at lars@brandmovers.dk.

Om Brand Movers

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Fully Responsive

Brand Movers er et hurtigt voksende digitalt marketing-bureau med rødder i journalistikken.

Vi vandt Børsens Gazellepris i både 2017 og 2018. Vi bruger data og gode historier til at tiltrække, engagere, konvertere og henrykke potentielle og eksisterende kunder – for vores kunder.

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