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Overskriften og underoverskriften fortæller os, hvad du har at tilbyde, og formularens overskrift afslutter dealen. Her kan du forklare, hvorfor dit tilbud er så godt, at man bare må udfylde formularen.


  • Punktform er godt
  • til klart og tydeligt at forklare fordelene, og
  • på den måde forvandle besøgende til mulige kunder.

Brand Movers is hiring an English copywriter

So, you wanna create amazing content at an award winning content marketing agency?

You’re in luck. We’re hiring a native English speaking/writing copywriter and brand journalist.

Brand Movers is looking for a skilled native English speaking journalist/copywriter who can join our incredible team and help our clients turn their knowledge into some of the best and most creative content available on the internet.

As a copywriter at Brand Movers your job will be to:

  • Interview subject matter experts and turn their knowledge into content that solves real problems. So you’ll need some great people skills, be able to listen and ask the right questions.
  • Based on already existing (and sometimes truly complicated) material you’ll produce content that the target audience can’t resist. So you’ll have to be both analytical, creative and have great writing skills.
  • Produce a whole lot of content for highly specialized professionals in their own tone and voice. So you need to be able to put yourself in their shoes – and you cannot be too slow with the keyboard.
  • Create many different content formats like articles, emails, landing pages, social media posts, research reports, manuscripts and much more, optimized for both crawlers and people. So you should know at least the basics of SEO.
  • You’ll work for international clients primarily in the B2B sector.

You will work out of our office in Carlsberg Byen in the western part of Copenhagen. There is a lot of flexibility in the position, but it is not remote.

So what’s in it for you?

  • First of all, you’ll be part of an amazing team of kind, fun, ambitious and highly skilled professionals, working hard to help our clients grow their businesses.
  • You’ll also join an award winning agency who specializes in content and inbound marketing that aligns perfectly with sales and performs through the entire sales and marketing funnel.

Who are we?

Brand Movers is born out of journalistic core values and we’re driven by an analytical mindset. We’re the leading and most ambitious content marketing agency in Denmark.

Our core service is to create sustainable customer relationships and our most important tools are our clients' stories and knowledge that we turn into creative and engaging content.

We believe that brands and businesses can tell amazing stories. Stories that are exciting, useful and engaging. And we believe that amazing content can move brands and drive business results.

Who should I contact if I’m interested?

Get in touch with Head of Writing Alexander Højfeldt Lund at or +45 2223 5921 if you have any questions.

To apply, send us your resume, a cover letter and some examples of your outstanding English content pieces at

Application deadline is April 14th 2023.